新版 日本の文様 第一集 紅会編

Traditional Japanese Patterns 1



Hand embroidery techniques introduced to Japan from China and Korea were developed into a tradition of elegance.Every time we look at these wonderful embroidered designs,we marvel anew at the richly intuitive awareness for form and compositional beauty depicted by artists with a sensitive eye for the subtle changes of the seasons and an aesthetic feeling for nature.The line drawings for embroidery designs collected in this book are categorized by motifs such as seasonal birds and flowers,distinctive circular designs,scrolling flowers and plants,and geometrical patterns.It is an excellent source for designs that can be applied in a variety of art and craft genres.

Traditional Japanese Patterns 1

□ format : 105×148×12mm
□ binding : softcover
□ page : 256 pages

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新版 日本の文様 第一集 紅会編

□ 判型:文庫判
□ 総頁:256頁
□ 並製
□ ISBN 978-4-86152-073-0 C2072