小林孝亘 私たちを夢見る夢
Kobayashi Takanobu Dream, dreaming us



■初期から最新作まで 本画100点、
ドローイング・版画など50点 計150点を掲載。

小林孝亘(こばやし たかのぶ)
1960年、東京都生まれ。愛知県立芸術大学 美術学部油画科卒業。1999年よりアトリエをバンコクに移す。 2004年、 目黒区美術館で展覧会を開催。2012年より、神奈川県逗子にアトリエをかまえる。個展、グループ展を中心に活動中。


Kobayashi Takanobu was born in Tokyo in 1960. He graduated in Oil Painting from Aichi University of the Arts, Faculty of Art. In 1999 he moved his atelier to Bangkok, and has been exhibiting his works in numerous solo and group shows including an exhibition at the Meguro Museum of Art in 2004. He returned to Japan in 2012, moving his atelier from Bangkok to Zushi, Kanagawa.
This book features a selection of representative works, from Kobayashi’s series depicting himself as “submarines” while working disconnected from the outside world in his twenties, via his relocation to Bangkok and subsequent encounters with light, wind and people in his thirties, to his more recent works in which he gradually developed a style of frontal human portraits.
Browse through this book and be overwhelmed by the spirituality that continues to pursue quietly yet deeply the essence of drawing and existence, manifested in the 150 mental traces contained here alongside the artist’s own comments.

Kobayashi Takanobu
Dream, dreaming us

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小林孝亘 私たちを夢見る夢

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