山口晃 前に下がる 下を仰ぐ

Stepping Back to See the Underneath  Akira Yamaguchi


■ 『ヘンな日本美術史』を自作で解説
■ すずしろ日記番外編「食日記」
■ 紙ツイッター
■ 活劇漫画『続・無残ノ介』全文掲載
■ 書下ろしテキスト

水戸芸術館 2015年2月21日〜5月17日

霧島アートの森「山口晃展 汽車とかたな」


山口晃 大画面作品集


Akira Yamaguchi is enormously popular for a visual style that interweaves humor and a critical spirit in artworks with motifs such as battle scenes, a mixture of different time periods, and finely detailed town scenes seen from a bird’s eye view. This book is an art catalogue that was prepared for an exhibition of Yamaguchi’s works shown at Art Tower Mito. The catalogue contains his latest artworks, a manga he wrote and illustrated, and essays. Readers will be sure to take great enjoyment in the fascinating world of Akira Yamaguchi that skillfully and beautifully intertwines technique, wisdom, and humor.

Stepping Back to See the Underneath
Akira Yamaguchi

□ format : 296 x 226 x 16 mm
□ binding : paperback
□ page : 144 pages

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山口晃 前に下がる 下を仰ぐ

□ 判型:A4変
□ 総頁:144頁
□ 並製
□ ISBN978-4-86152-477-6



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