琉球紅型 與那嶺一子解説

Ryukyu-Bingata Traditional Clothes of Okinawa



Up to the 18th century, the Ryukyu kingdom possessed its own unique culture. The contributions of Southeast Asia and China to this culture are especially prominent in the bold and vivid colors and designs of Ryukyu bingata stencil dyeing, which differs distinctly from traditional Japanese dyeing.This volume is a collection of some 200 examples of bingata and eigata(indigo bingata).

Ryukyu-Bingata Traditional Clothes of Okinawa

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□ binding : softcover
□ page : 256 pages

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琉球紅型 與那嶺一子解説

□ 判型:A6判
□ 総頁:256頁
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