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Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.

To reveal the sense of presence in the art of today
We aim to light up human behavior from within.


11th of October, 1995


9-1, Umetada-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8136 Japan.

Publication Genre

Contemporary Art, Photography, Graphic Design,
Design Source Book, Japanese Painting, Craft, Architecture etc.

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Specializing in art, design, photography and other visually oriented books, our publishing range extends to literature and criticism as well.

Seigensha Art Publishing was founded in 1995 in Kyoto.
To illuminate human behavior through visually oriented books. With this as our guiding aim, we have published over 400 titles in fields ranging from contemporary art, painting and photography, to design, architecture and more.
Our first publication was “Shō-gi – The Work of Master Carpenter Sotoji Nakamura”. This deluxe edition, an in-depth compilation of the work of this great contemporary master of sukiya teahouse architecture, received the Award for Excellence in Best Designed Books from All Over the World (Leipzig, Germany). It is the only book from Japan to have ever been granted this prestigious award.
In 2005, Seigensha released a completely new, reprinted edition of Eikoh Hosoe’s “Kamaitachi”, the legendary photography book that was born out of a close collaboration between Hosoe and butoh originator Tatsumi Hijikata. The following year, we published Hosoe’s “The Butterfly Dream”, another enthralling volume of photographs by Hosoe, this time featuring the work of the butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno and taken over a period of more than forty years.
One of our longest-selling photography books is Masafumi Sanai’s “Alive” (Ikiteiru), which defined an entirely new trend in photography.
We handle books by many other artists as well, including Makoto Aida, Makoto Azuma, Katsura Funakoshi, Naoya Hatakeyama, Rinko Kawauchi, Taiji Matsue, Shinro Ohtake, Kyoichi Tsuzuki and Akira Yamaguchi.

Our company name “Seigensha” is derived from three kanji characters: 青 (sei = “blue”), calling to mind the purity of a clear blue sky, 幻 (gen = visions or illusions), for the pursuit of dreams yet unseen, and 舎 (sha = a hut or house), signifying learning.
We participate actively in art and book fairs all over the world, including Frankfurt Book Fair, Paris Photo, Seoul International Book Fair, and many others.


2012 – Shintarō Satō’s “Tōkyō Tenkūjū” (Tokyo Sky Tree / Risen in the East) – 21st Tadahiko Hayashi Award.
2011 – Eiko Shimozono’s “Kizuna” – 36th Kimura Ihei Award.
1998 – “Shō-gi – The Work of Master Carpenter Sotoji Nakamura” – Award for Excellence in Best Designed Books from All Over the World (Leipzig, Germany)
and more

Some representative titles

“Kamaitachi” by Eikoh Hosoe (Reprint edition / Limited run of 500)
“The Butterfly Dream” by Eikoh Hosoe
“The world of Eikoh Hosoe” by Eikoh Hosoe
“Happy Victims” by Kyoichi Tsuzuki
“I LOVE YU” by Shinro Ohtake
“ID400,” “OMIAI” and “School Days” by Tomoko Sawada
“Water…its transformation” by Katsura Funakoshi
“ZIPANGU – 31 spirited artists cutting through new territories of Japanese contemporary art.”
“Kingdom” by Shin Takamatsu
“Junya Ishigami – Another scale of architecture” by Junya Ishigami
“Hokusai Manga” (vols. 1 – 3)

Co-edition partners

Thames & Hudson (U.K.), Aperture (U.S.A.), Contrasto (Italy), La Martiniere (France), Scalo (Switzerland)


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